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Mattel's Global Manufacturing Principles (GMP) are the company's ongoing commitment to responsible manufacturing, assembly and distribution practices around the world.

These standards are some of the most detailed and comprehensive in the consumer products industry. They address a spectrum of issues, including employee health and safety, environmental management and ensuring that employees are treated fairly and with respect, to the cultural, ethnic and philosophical differences of the countries where Mattel operates.

GMP standards apply to all parties that manufacture, assemble or distribute any product, or package bearing the Mattel logos. They provide a framework within which all of Mattel's manufacturing must be conducted.

Mattel is committed to GMP compliance in all areas of its business and will only engage business partners who share our commitment to GMP. If you want to work with Mattel, compliance with GMP is not an option. Mattel will work with business partners to help them meet GMP requirements. As a last resort, if a business partner is either unable or unwilling to work with Mattel in order to meet and maintain its standards, Mattel is prepared to end the working relationship.

We believe that while the development our Global Manufacturing Principles is essential to success, enforcement is equally important to sustaining it. Learn about Mattel's independent monitoring program and the company's continuing commitment to transparency.