At Mattel, we are serious about safety and quality and are very concerned about how consumers use our products.

Our product safety policies are based on our core value of protecting our consumers from unforeseen harm. We set global standards on health and safety exposures at or more stringent than legal limits.

Mattel products are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed all applicable safety standards from around the world. Rarely do we receive a safety report regarding a product, since much of the work and care is done during the design and manufacturing stages. But when we do receive a safety report, we have a company wide system in place to immediately respond to the situation.

Contacts are made available on product packaging, or consumers can contact Mattel through any of our international subsidiaries where a particular product is sold. In addition, consumers can make contact 24 hours a day via the company's Consumer Relations Answer Center website. 

Mattel applies internal operating procedures designed to meet or exceed compliance with regulations and laws enforced by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and similar consumer safety agencies in other countries.

We are continuously enhancing our safety requirement standards, which are based on a combination of U.S. law, international law, U.S. voluntary requirements and international voluntary requirements.

Other factors influencing Mattel's standards include: safety bulletins, consumer complaints, established good safety habits, sound engineering judgment and connotative safety (depicting safe actions in product use and advertising). Mattel has detailed procedures to manage potential product safety hazards in the rare event that a product modification, withdrawal or public recall is necessary to protect our consumers.