Mattel Children's Foundation

At Mattel we incorporate volunteerism into our corporate culture. Established in 2006, Mattel’s global volunteer program is a reflection of our values and corporate responsibility mission. As the driving force behind Mattel’s philanthropic culture, our global employees display their passion and spirit of giving by participating in volunteer activities around the world. Mattel PLAYers engages more than 8,000 global employees annually in a variety of philanthropic activities. Volunteers participate in Days of Play” with kids in inner-city schools during recess, mentor disadvantaged children, assemble food kits, plant trees, and build schools in underdeveloped nations. Volunteers host Days of Play at Mattel headquarters for inner-city kids where they can build Barbie dolls, play with Tyco Remote Control cars, race Hot Wheels and just enjoy being a kid. Large or small, groups of dedicated Mattel employees are playing together to support local communities and make a meaningful difference.

In 2005, Mattel launched a partnership with Special Olympics, which included the launch of Team Mattel. Over 4,000 Mattel employees join in the fun to support participating athletes with intellectual disabilities every year. In 35 countries Mattel employees dedicate their time and energy to ensuring local Special Olympic events were meaningful experiences for all athletes involved.

Employee Matching Gifts
In addition to encouraging their gifts of time and talent, the Mattel Children's Foundation also encourages U.S. employees to support nonprofit organizations monetarily by matching their contributions to educational institutions or nonprofits that serve children.

Global Scholarships for Employees' Children
With higher education increasingly essential to compete and succeed in our world today, the Mattel Children's Foundation assists the children of employees globally with college or university education costs through its scholarship program. The program is offered worldwide to include children of Mattel employees around the world. Renewable scholarships are offered for full-time study at a college, university or vocational school, in any country of the student's choice. Selection is based primarily on financial need, followed by merit.

Scholarships have been awarded to children of employees in the U.S., Brazil, Canada, China/Hong Kong, Germany, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, Thailand and Venezuela.