Purposeful Play

We treat play as if the future depends on it – because it does. Play is our language, and we speak to our consumers authentically by representing the world as they see and imagine it.

Each of our products and experiences is designed to deliver an intrinsic value that inspires, entertains, and develops children through play. This is made possible by the high level of engagement and emotional connection consumers have with our brands. More than seven decades of this pursuit as a trusted partner to parents and families has informed a perspective on toy innovation that we call Purposeful Play.

Through Purposeful Play, we harness the cultural impact of our brands to promote and influence behavior on key social and environmental issues to create a better world. 

Mattel creates toys appropriate for children at various developmental stages, designing products to match their current abilities while challenging them so they can learn and grow. Examples for each of our main product categories include: 


Dolls, including Barbie and American Girl dolls, encourage pretend play, self-expression, and imagination. Playing with dolls empowers children to develop empathy and social skills such as caregiving, friendship, collaboration, and conflict resolution.


Games, such as UNO and Apples to Apples, promote social bonding and inspire fun and laughter while stimulating the minds of young players. They also support confidence and exercise important skills such as memory, logic, pattern recognition, strategic thinking, time management, and fair play. 


Vehicles, like a Hot Wheels or Matchbox car, are an exciting way to play and experiment with energy, force, scale, and motion. Kids practice problem solving and spatial reasoning as they design tracks and construct their own play patterns. 

Action Figures

Action figures, such as characters from Masters of the Universe, empower role play that fosters imagination, self-expression, independence, and social skills. This type of play also develops fine motor skills, technical aptitude, and hand-eye coordination as figures and accessories are activated and manipulated. 


Construction toys, such as MEGA building sets, offer open-ended play experiences that are both individual and collaborative, nurturing the creative potential of every child. Shapes, measurement, and engineering skills are exercised along with fine motor skills. 

Infant, Toddler and Pre-School

Preschool toys, such as Fisher-Price ride-on vehicles and playsets, support sensory development and awareness, fine and gross motor skills, problem solving, cooperation, and emotional intelligence. These products offer young children open-ended opportunities to learn, laugh, and explore on their own terms.