Employee Resource Groups

An integral component towards fostering an inclusive culture at Mattel are our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), created and led by employees to bring together members and allies of underrepresented identities across the company. Our ERGs organize company-wide learning opportunities, cultural celebrations, community outreach, elevate important conversations and collect critical feedback. All employees are welcome and encouraged to join, participate or become leaders within ERGs. 


Mattel Asian Diversity Exchange (MADE) creates awareness of relevant Asian American issues, shares cultural insights and celebrates a rich and diverse Asian heritage at Mattel. MADE also engages in community outreach and volunteering.

Latinos EN Mattel

Latinos EN Mattel seeks to serve as a resource to Mattel by creating networking opportunities, recruiting and retaining diverse talent, and providing insight into the varied cultural perspectives of the Latino community.


Mattel African American Forum (MAAF) was founded in January 2008 as our first ERG and strives to be a prominent internal source of information, insight and celebration of Black culture within Mattel.


Sustainability for Employee Engagement & Development (SEEDs) sows an inclusive culture of sustainability at Mattel, to reap a future in which we all can play. The group focuses on integrating sustainable practices and behaviors at our offices, their homes and throughout the larger community.


Our Proud Employee Network (OPEN) is geared toward addressing the needs of LGBTQ+ employees and members of the external LGBTQ+ communities in which we work and play.


PARENTS aims to build a company-wide network of employees committed to giving Mattel parents a voice, providing meaningful resources and information, and ultimately helping parents achieve work/life harmony.

Mattel Playmakers

Mattel Playmakers brings wonder to our employees and their families by providing a wide range of entertainment, including events, group outings and a variety of giveaways.


Women of Mattel (WoM) acts as an internal source of leadership and insight for the talented women of Mattel. WoM also leads our mentoring program and the group has been a key supporter of the annual Mattel Women’s Conference.