Responsible Supply Chain

We provide a safe and ethical working environment in the factories that make our products. We have led the way in formalizing this principle into action. In 1997 we became one of the first companies to create standards that guide our efforts to manufacture responsibly. Today, these standards are known as our Responsible Supply Chain Commitment (RSCC), and they establish the ethical and environmental requirements for our supply chain partners.

The RSCC is a comprehensive set of standards and oversight processes that set forth our expectations for responsible factory working conditions, environmental protection and appropriate oversight to ensure progress is made on these fronts, including ensuring that non-compliance is identified and corrective action taken. These standards reflect the most recent industry practices and regulations.

To ensure the RSCC is followed, we regularly monitor and audit facilities in our supply chain and hold our partners to those standards. We also work with organizations globally to help address unsafe working conditions and combat forced and underage labor.

Ethical Sourcing

Promoting ethical sourcing throughout our supply chain is fundamental to how we do business. The Responsible Supply Chain Commitment (RSCC) establishes ethical and environmental requirements that we expect to be met by all facilities involved in the manufacturing of our products worldwide. 


Our products are manufactured and packaged in several countries including China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Vietnam, Canada, Mexico and the United States. These manufacturing operations take place in facilities owned and operated by Mattel as well as in our network of vendors.

Human Rights

We are committed to the fair and humane treatment of people in our own business and in our supply chains. We take important measures to protect human rights and ensure that no form of forced labor or human trafficking exists in our operations or supply chain.