It's time
Play Fair.

We must redefine what it means to stand with the Black community. 

Words without action are only words. Racial injustice will not go away on its own. We must confront it head on.


It starts with us. It’s time to listen, to look inward, to have the hard conversations, make an honest assessment, and take this opportunity to drive change and create new ways to support the Black community.


Mattel’s purpose is to empower the next generation to explore the wonder of childhood and reach their full potential. Children cannot reach their full potential when the fields of play are unequal, unbalanced and unfair.


Mattel will launch the Play Fair initiative that starts with the following commitments:


We will continue to strive to build a workforce that reflects the diversity of our community, focusing on the development and recruitment of Black talent.


We will invest in the next generation of the Black community with intention, by providing access and opportunities.


As we focus our efforts to inspire the next generation of children, we promise to offer product, content and experiences built on the foundation of diversity, ensuring that the stories of the Black community are seen and heard.


Our commitment to taking a stand against systemic racism will be ongoing, and it will evolve continually based on our understanding of the issues and needs of the community. Each of our brands has an important role to play and is outlining actions to support Play Fair.