Purposeful Play

Each of our products and experiences is designed to deliver an intrinsic value that inspires, entertains and develops children through play. This is made possible by the high level of engagement and emotional connection consumers have with our brands. Play is our language and we speak to our consumers authentically by representing the world as they see and imagine it. More than seven decades of this pursuit as trusted partners to parents and caregivers has informed a perspective on toy innovation we call Purposeful Play. 

Infant, Toddler and Pre-School

Play is essential during the early formative years. It begins with sensorial development and awareness, fine and gross motor skills and evolves into problem solving, cooperation and emotional intelligence. Our work in this category is the foundation of purposeful play with expertly designed products that offer young children open-ended opportunities to laugh, learn and explore on their own terms, giving every child the best possible start.


Dolls encourage pretend play, self-expression, imagination and character development. Playing with dolls empowers children to develop empathy and social skills such as caregiving, friendship, collaboration and conflict resolution. Our doll lines inspire and nurture the limitless potential in every girl, promoting confidence and curiosity throughout her journey of self-discovery with strong emphasis on diversity and inclusion.


Playing games promotes social bonding and inspires fun and laughter while stimulating the minds of young players. It also builds confidence and teaches children important skills such as memory, logic, pattern recognition, strategic thinking, time management and fair play. Our diverse collection of games brings family and friends together with a variety of play styles suitable for a wide range of ages and skill levels.


Vehicles are an exciting way to play and experiment with energy, force, scale and motion. Kids develop problem solving, spatial reasoning and collaboration skills as they design tracks and construct their own play patterns. Our vehicle offering ignites and nurtures the challenger spirit that lives within every child. Whether they play independently, collaboratively or competitively, kids get to play with high performance cars that simulate the real world like no other.

Action Figures

Action Figures empower role play that fosters imagination, self-expression, independence and social skills. It also develops fine motor skills, technical aptitude and hand-eye coordination as figures and accessories are activated and manipulated. Our range of licensed and proprietary action figures inspires creativity and imagination as kids reenact moments with their favorite heroes and simulate stories and characters.


Construction offers open ended play experiences which are both individual and collaborative, nurturing the creative potential of every child. It fosters innate learning about shapes, gravity and balance, and develops hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Our construction offering combines storytelling, creative thinking and problem solving while motivating young builders through a sense of pride and accomplishment of their own creation.