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Cookies and Technologies Statement

Updated Dec 20, 2019


This Cookies and Technologies Statement describes the technologies used in connection with Mattel Services. Key terms are italicized (like this) and can be found in the DEFINITIONS section of our Privacy Statement.

Mattel and its third-party partners, or third-party technology partners, may receive and store certain information automatically when you use Mattel Services. This may include automatically collected information and device information. This information allows us to count the total number of “hits” on our Mattel Sites or installation and frequency of use of our apps, for example.

We collect certain information using technology, like cookies and pixel tags. We may also use local stored objects (“LSOs”) in connection with Flash or HTML5 games or other content to store game and activity progress or to store bandwidth information for the performance of the content.

Third-party technology partners also use cookies, web beacons, pixel tags, clear GIFs, and other technology to collect certain information regarding use of Mattel Services automatically. Advertising networks may use this information to serve you targeted ads for products and services that, based on your activities, are likely to be of interest to you (interest-based advertising). We or our third-party technology partners may use this information to provide personalized content or to deliver ads.

Other third-party partners, like social media sites, may also use cookies and similar technology to collect certain information about your use of Mattel Services through social media plug-ins. You may be able to provide social-sign on information to access a Mattel Service. If so, the social network may be able to link your activities in Mattel Services to your social media registration information.

Technology Lists and Controls

Mattel Sites:

For a list of our major technology partners for our Mattel Sites, and the choices and controls they may offer about collection and use of information, read the THIRD-PARTY TECHNOLOGY LIST. For Mattel Sites in the Unites States (except for our “play” sites designed for children), you may also visit the ADCHOICES tool located at the bottom of the Site to exercise choices regarding technology used on those Sites. For Mattel Sites with visitors in other countries, such as countries in the European Economic Area, you may be presented with other tools to help you manage technology used on those Mattel Sites. Please also see the Additional Details section below for information regarding managing website technologies through browser settings and on managing Local shared objects (LSOs).

Mobile Apps:

For a list of our major technology partners for our mobile apps, please see the MOBILE THIRD-PARTY TECHNOLOGY LIST. You may be able to manage certain technologies using your built-in mobile device settings and controls, or the setting within your app where applicable. Please also see the Additional Details section below for more information regarding managing mobile app technologies through device settings.

Choices are browser- and/or device-specific. If you clear your cookies from your browser on any of your devices (computer, tablet, smart phone, etc.), your opt out choices will need to be re-set. You should check how to do this on your device(s) and operating systems.

For more details on the technologies we may use, information that is collected, and how it is used, please continue reading the section below.

Additional Details


A “cookie” is a small file that is saved on your computer or mobile device. Cookies help improve your user experience, and allow us to analyze Mattel Services, manage our advertising, and help serve interest-based advertising related to Mattel Services for adults and teens.

Our cookies help to give you faster access to pages you have already visited; they allow you to personalize your pages and us to customize our offerings; and they help you to participate in some activities or events through Mattel Services. For instance, we may offer scavenger or treasure hunts, and we need to use cookies to keep track of your progress. In that case, if you leave our Mattel Service and then return, cookies will tell us what things you have already collected so that you do not have to start all over again. Cookies can also keep track of items in your shopping cart and wish list in our online stores and may be used to help you engage in other activities, like comparison shopping.

We also use cookies to help us figure out how many people visit Mattel Services, which of our web pages they go to and how long they stay there. This information helps us figure out which of our web features are successes and what Mattel Services might need improvement.

For administrative purposes, we collect IP addresses. The IP address allows us to count the total number of “hits” on Mattel Sites. Your IP address and cookies are not connected to any personal contact information unless you register with a Mattel Service or order at our online stores; however, if you register, all information we collect will be associated with your customer file.

Some Mattel Services may use technologies, such as our own cookies, to provide you with personalized online display advertising tailored to your interests in our products when you visit other websites or areas of the internet.

You can set your computer to warn you each time a cookie is being sent or turn off all cookies (except LSOs – see below) through your Internet browser (for example, Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, or Opera). Check your browser’s Help menu or your built-in mobile device settings to find out how. Some mobile devices store cookies not only in areas connected to the browser, but also in areas that are app-specific, so these cookies cannot be controlled by the browser settings. Check your app-setting options on your mobile device to find out how to manage or delete cookies that may be stored in these other areas.

Please note that if you do not accept cookies, some features or activities of Mattel Services may not be available to you.

Local Shared Objects, HTML5 and Flash Cookies

Local shared objects (LSOs) are built for use with HTML5, Adobe® Flash® Player, and other content. LSOs act like cookies in that they store information to provide you with a more customized experience, but LSOs can store complex data that cookies cannot, and LSOs are not deleted or rejected if you set your browser to delete or reject cookies. The information stored in any LSO deployed by our Sites is not used to profile or track you online. Although browser settings will not allow you to manage LSOs, you may be able to manage them in other ways. To find out more about how to manage or delete LSOs, visit https://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player/kb/disable-local-shared-objects-flash.html

Web Beacons, Pixel Tags or Clear Gifs

We or third-party technology partners may also use other technology, called web beacons, pixel tags or clear GIFs, to provide us with other important information, such as when an email has been opened, or to develop statistics on the effectiveness of advertising at our Sites. In some cases, working with third-party partners, information is used to send advertisements for our products based on your interests.


When downloading an app (or using an app that relies on online features made available through your mobile platform), the app store will collect certain device and app-related information. Mattel does not control the data collection or privacy practices of the app stores. You should review the privacy policy and terms of use of any app store before downloading or using any app and review and use available controls and settings on your device to reflect your preferences.

Location Information

For some Mattel Services, we or our third-party technology partners may collect location information, including location information provided either by a mobile device interacting with one of our apps or associated with your IP address or Wi-Fi network. These features might enable you to engage in activities like finding a nearby store, playing certain games, or connecting an internet-enabled product to a Wi-Fi network, for example. You can generally limit or prohibit the collection of location information by using the built-in settings on your mobile device. Check your device instructions or online manual/FAQs for information on how to do so. You will typically be notified if the app or Mattel Service collects location information and be given a chance to consent. We do not permit collection of precise location information (actual address) in mobile apps without your consent. Child-directed apps do not collect precise (street-level) location information.


We or our agents and service partners may use cookies, web beacons and other technology to analyze the effectiveness of Mattel Services. This typically involves collecting your IP address or UDID and information on your activities, like the Mattel Sites you visit or frequency of use of an app. We strive to work with providers that adhere to applicable self-regulatory standards. You may be able to opt out of data collection or use by some third-party analytics companies who work with us.

Targeted Advertising

Mattel may work with third-party online or mobile network advertisers that use cookies, pixels, transparent GIF files, or other non-cookie technology to help us manage advertising at our Mattel Sites or apps and measure its effectiveness. This includes our collector Mattel Sites and online stores, or Mattel Services directed to adults and teens. These technologies enable third-party ad networks to recognize a unique cookie on your computer, tablet or mobile device and may be placed by us, our network advertising firm(s), or by another advertiser that works with our third-party network advertiser(s). The information that is collected and shared in this fashion does not contain your name, address, telephone number, or email address. However, it is linked to the device identifier of the device you are using to keep track of all the sites you have visited that are associated with the ad network. This information may be used for the purpose of targeting advertisements on Mattel Services and third-party sites or services based on those interests, and to learn which ads bring users to Mattel Services. Please keep in mind that your web browser may not permit you to block the use of non-cookie technologies, and browser settings that block cookies may have no effect on non-cookie technologies.

We support the cross-industry Self-Regulatory Program for Online Behavioral Advertising as managed by the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) as well as the self-regulatory program of the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI). As part of this service, our online advertisements and Sites are sometimes delivered with icons that help consumers understand how their data is being used and provide choice options to consumers that want more control. For more information about our network advertisers, including information on choices they may offer you to opt out of technologies that they control, please follow the directions on the AdChoices icon within any interest-or behavior-based advertisement. Services directed to adults and teens that engage in interest-based advertising may also include the AdChoices icon on the home page. Websites operated by the NETWORK ADVERTISING INITIATIVE and DIGITAL ADVERTISING ALLIANCE (for the U.S.) and the EUROPEAN DIGITAL ADVERTISING (for the European Economic Area (EEA)) offer opt-out tools for those participating in those programs. Participating network advertisers will be listed at those sites. Some third parties may offer opt out tools on their own sites. Consult their privacy statements for more details.

Keep in mind that, if you opt out of interest-based advertising on our Mattel Sites, you may still see customized advertising displayed by advertising networks from which you have not opted out. In addition, your opt out will not prevent any advertising network from displaying advertising that is not customized to you and your interests and, consequently, may be less relevant to you. Please also note that you will need to make such choices on each browser and device you may use to visit our Sites.

Similarly, if you opt out of interest-based advertising on our Mobile Apps, your opt will not prevent any advertising network from displaying advertising that is not customized to you and your interests and, consequently, may be less relevant to you. Please also note that you may need to revisit such choices if you reset your phone or otherwise turn ad tracking back on in your device settings.

Social Media Platforms and Plugins

If you are a member of a social media network, like Facebook, a cookie may be sent to that network when you access a page of Mattel Services that links to their website through a plugin (such as Facebook’s “Like” or Google “+1” buttons), register or log into your account at their platform, or use your social media user name and password to log into Mattel Services where you have the option to do so. That may enable them and us to link your activities with your personal registration information at their site and may include notifying your friends or connections about your activities in Mattel Services, and using tracking technologies to monitor your online activities to serve targeted ads. The social media networks’ privacy policy and terms apply to your use of their platforms. Your browser or device may allow you to block these technologies, but you should visit the third-party website and review their privacy policy and your registration profile or account to find out your options.

Updated Dec 20, 2019


  • Mattel Services use technology, like cookies and web beacons, to receive and store certain information, including to manage registrations or access to certain features, store your settings and preferences, conduct age-screening, offer you personalized content, shop, help us understand the features that appeal to visitors, and manage advertising, among other things.We also work with third-party technology partners who offer analytics or deliver targeted ads online or through apps. They use technology and collect device identifiers, such as your IP address or mobile UDID, and information on your activities, to do so. You may be able to opt out of receiving targeted ads on Mattel Services. You will still see ads, although they may be less relevant to you.

Some Mattel Sites might place their own cookies on your device to offer you targeted ads for our products and Mattel Services when you visit other sites. For more information regarding these technologies, and tools available to help you control some of these technologies see the THIRD-PARTY TECHNOLOGY LIST and the MOBILE THIRD-PARTY TECHNOLOGY LIST and review the information in this statement.

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